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About Me

I have been interested in Interior Design since I was a little girl growing up in West Texas. I started my design career in the Antiques/Vintage business, specializing in the 20th Century modern furniture from the 1920′s through the 1970′s. I have worked in and managed furniture showrooms in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

I believe that a firm footing in the history of furniture, architecture, and design gives me a well -rounded perspective and astute eye. I am also very forward thinking and thrive on creative solutions.

I pursued my design education in the Professional Level Interior Design Program at UCLA extension in Los Angeles. I am always looking to expand my technical and creative knowledge in order to provide the most innovative design solutions for my clients.

In 2008, my husband Senor and I started our own boutique design firm, Jonamor Décor. We work in a diverse repertoire of traditional, eclectic, modern, transitional, and exotic design styles.

"Our Mission is to fully utilize our technical and creative knowledge and experience to provide you with the most innovative Interior Design solutions possible."

What to expect

Full Service Design Services

Initial Consultation

We will come to your home to meet with you and evaluate the space or spaces you would like to address. We will discuss your needs and goals for the space and go over any visual materials that provide you with inspiration. We will work on setting a realistic budget that will coincide with the design vision. This meeting will also give us a chance to get acquainted in order to see if we will work well together. After we gather all your information, we will create a design and budget proposal for you.

Design Plan

After we sign the contract, we will begin work on the planning and presentation stages of the project. We will work on the design plan, surface materials, and furniture selections. All of these will be approved by you before they are purchased. We will present you with the space and finish plan which can be modified once without any additional charges. We will then coordinate all contractors, subcontractors, and vendors.


After the final plan has been approved, we will move into the construction and installation phase. We will manage the workers and scheduling and coordinate deliveries. After the major work has been done, we will place the furniture and install the window dressings, art, and accessories where you can enjoy your leisure hours playing online slot games on any site mentioned over the We will do a final walk-through with you to go over all items and check that everything is complete.

Services & Charges

Full Service Design Services will include Budget and timeline, Bid Coordination, Space planning, Project management, Furniture plan Lighting plan, Surface material and textile selection, Storage solutions Art and accessories selection, Purchasing, Manage installations, Sight supervision, Fabrication of pillows and window coverings, Design and fabrication of custom furniture and built-ins.

We charge a fixed fee per room or by project square footage. This covers the budgeting, bid coordination, scheduling, design plan, surface materials, textile, and furniture selections. We charge an hourly rate for meetings, shopping, installations, and project supervision. We also charge a 20% product mark-up on all items purchased for the project. The initial consultation is free.